Our Collection

The Marble Falls Public Library offers a collection of over 50,000 physical and digital resources including; print, large print, and eBooks, audio and eAudio books, physical and digital magazines, newspapers, DVDs and Blu-ray discs, television and music streaming services, language services, and research databases.

We have a superior collection of literature that includes best sellers, debut novels, and important classics. We strive to keep both our fiction and non-fiction collections current and relevant to the Highland Lakes community.

Our community is special to us, so our library’s books don’t magically appear on the shelves! Books are selected by our professional staff and make their way to our library shelves through patron recommendations, book reviews, bestseller lists, awards lists, and the community’s needs. Our librarians spend time reading about upcoming books to make the most informed purchasing decisions. We do our best to hand pick books that the community will want to read while exposing them to new authors and stories every day.


Our librarians have different knowledge and interests and work together to build a diverse collection for our patrons.


Book reviews come from a variety of journals, newspapers, and websites including:

New York Times Book Review
Kirkus Reviews
Library Journal
School Library Journal
NPR book review



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