Frequently Asked Questions

How much is a library card?

  • Your first Burnet County library card is free. There is a $2 charge for replacements.

What is my Pin number?

  • Your pin number is the last four digits on your library card (below the barcode) OR your 10-digit phone number.

How long are my items checked out?

  • All items are checked out for two weeks (14 days).

How do I place an item on hold?

  1. Go to the library catalog
  2. Log in with your card number and pin
  3. Search for desired item
  5. Select desired location for pick up
  6. Select desired method of notification
  7. Click “PLACE RESERVE”

How long does it take to receive an item I put on hold?

  • If you put an item on hold from Herman Brown (Burnet) or Bertram Free Library it could take about a week if the item is checked in. We get holds from these libraries once a week but this can vary with closings.
  • If it is taking longer than you would like to receive a hold item, let a staff member know. We can check the item’s hold list and see where you are on it. We can also check what library has the item which may delay the arrival of the item. We can also make sure the item isn’t lost or been deleted from the collection.

        Renew Here or​

  1. Renew in person: Simply go to the circulation desk and ask for a renewal.
  2. Renew over the phone: Call the library with your card number and ask to extend an item.​

How many items can I have at one time?

  • 30 items can be checked out per library card.
  • For new cardholders, 2 items can be checked out for the first time. Once those items are returned than you can have 30 items checked out.

How much are fines per day?

  • Fines are 25 cents per item. Fines are not added on weekends or days the library is closed.

Where can I turn in items when the library is closed?

  • You can return items to our night drop box on the north side of the library. Put the appropriate items in the slots. You can also return any items to the other library locations such as Bertram Free Library or Herman Brown Free Library.

How do I request for the library to purchase a certain item?

  • You can fill out a request item form at the library’s circulation desk/or Fill out our request form here.
  • Check our catalog to make sure we don’t already have this item.
  • Include your name, title and author if applicable.
  • We can’t guarantee your request will be purchased.
  • Check the catalog to see if your request was fulfilled after a few weeks.

Where do I go for help with your online services?

  • You can find video tutorials for our online services on the e Services page of our website.  One-on-One appointments can be made with a staff member for additional support.

How can I use your WiFi?

  • Step 1, once inside the library connect your device to the MFLIB wireless connection
  • Step 2, if not prompted, open your browser and type aplogin.com
  • Step 2, click “CONNECT AND AGREE”

How do I use a computer?

  • Computer reservations can be made with your library card at our self-check stations.  You can make reservations with your photo ID at the circulation desk. Patrons can have up to two 60 minute sessions a day.  Printing is available at all stations: 10¢ a page for black/white and 50¢ a page for color.

Will my information be saved on your computers?

  • All activity is wiped from our computers at the end of each session including browsing history and documents. Files cannot be retrieved after a computer has restarted so save a copy of your important files to a flash drive or email.

Where can I leave my bike or skateboard when I am using the library?

  • The library offers a bike rack and skateboard dock on the left side of our building.  Locks are available for check out at the circulation desk with your library card or photo/student ID.