Library Apple Tree


The Apple Tree had its beginnings in the early 1990’s as a fundraising concept, when the Marble Falls Library was in its previous location at 4th and Main, and the Friends determined that a new building three times the size of the old library was needed to meet the library needs of the rapidly growing Marble Falls community.   The Friends began the daunting task of raising $1.5 million through a variety of fundraising approaches, both large and small.  


The Apple Tree Project was begun to involve people of all ages and pocketbooks.  The idea was that for the cost of an apple a day (about 27 cents at that time), a pledge of $100 a year could be made to the library.  Families were encouraged to “buy their kids an apple.”  An Apple Tree mural was painted on the old library wall, and apples were affixed as pledges came in.


After the Friends had raised $750,000, half the needed amount, the City financed the other half, which was later repaid by the Friends.  This support from the City enabled the timely construction of the current Library, which opened October 4, 1997.  A new Apple Tree mural was included in the current Library, initially recognizing three levels of monetary contribution:  gold, silver, and bronze.


Over time, the focus of the Apple Tree has evolved from monetary contributions to a focus on contributions of time and talents, and exceptional volunteers and employees are recognized with apples tagged with their name added to the tree.