Book, Line, & Sinker Podcast

Our Weekend Hobbies!

Librarians discuss Documentaries and Tiger King!

Interview with Bill Gaylord

Interview with Lauren Friedman

Interview with Sarah Mlynowski

Interview with W.F. Strong

Interview with Ken Roberts


The Best Christmas Movies!

Interview with Donna Marie Miller

Season 2, Ep. 1: Happy Halloween!

Interview with Joe Holley

Interview with Dr. Don Graham

Episode 12: Harry Potter!

Episode 11: Libraries and Media

Episode 10: The Romance Genre

Episode 9: Books, TV, and Movies, Oh My!

Episode 8: Memoirs

Episode 7: Audiobooks

Episode 6: The Psychological Thriller and Horror Genre

Episode 5: The Great American Read

Episode 4: Food & Drink

Episode 3: The Young Adult Genre

Episode 2: How We Read

Episode 1

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